Thursday, 16 October 2014

Best Ways of Gold Investments this Sparkling Diwali

In previous days, jewellery was just a symbolized status or one way to make a woman happy. But today, it has found a new meaning beyond this in our lifesyles. Purchasing gold jewellery or bars in fact considered as one of the best and the most precious profitable investments when compared to other ways of investments.

According to Indian experts, the monthly gold imports gain a rise of as much 50 percent from current levels thus country gears up for a huge surge in demand ahead of the year-end 2014 festivities like Diwali and Dhanteras as well as wedding season.

Gold Jewellery

Our old-age and traditional way of investment is buying jewellery. Indian womens who are very impressed with the delight of jewellers, are now making a scramble for gold to make a sparkling Diwali on October 22rd and 23rd this year. Many gold schemes enable buyers to enjoy the benefits. One such is Gold savings scheme. Some jewellers offer monthly installments where at the end you can buy jewellery for that lump sum. It adds better value to your money. But it has some disadvantages like when you purchase the jewellery, the buying cost includes making charges and when you want to sell the same piece, they deduct making charges and they buy it below market rates. So, Jewellery has less resale value.

Gold Coins

Moreover money and business minded people think ways to buy gold that benefits in future years. So they opt to buy or invest in gold coins or gold bars/biscuits. With weak global crisis, gold prices also fell 0.36 percent to Rs 26,605 per 10 grams in the market today. However, gold is still considered as the best way to invest. It is suggested to prefer buying gold coins/bars than any other ornaments. Coins/bars can be used in future investments.

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