Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A visual renovation for Google Now, with logo redesign and a burst of animation!

A pop of colour here and a dash of creativity there! Simple..or is it? Google has had a visual overhaul for Google now. It has come up with a redesigned (and more colourful!) logo for Android Google Now application. Softer colours and a more modern, playful look make the logo aesthetically appealing. Yet it is not just the playful logo redesign that has entered the scenario. There is much more in store for the android users!

What’s in the new Google Now android update and logo redesign?

Google has not simply unveiled the redesigned logo. It has additionally given a welcome refresh to the Google Now android App. The new update version 5.2.33 of the android application has the new logo, a colour galore, new icon as well as a revamped Google Now user interface (UI). With the roll out of the new logo for the web search engine, came this application update for android. It has plentiful of colour. Even the microphone icon is coloured now!  The users can now notice the visual refresh clearly, with card organization. There is an addition of a classy new animation when cards are swiped away by the user. Elsewhere in the applications, users may notice a revamped icon in the launcher. Also, the actual search screen is now busy flaunting the new Google logo. 

Though it does appear to be a little childish, yet I find it a refreshing change from the old monotonous blue. Finally, it is a treat to the eyes to see Google break the boundaries of that traditional black and white and turn into something flashier. The Google doodle is a nice fun play on the screen. The colourful info cards are comparatively subtler and have been organized into well – defined market categories. 

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Top 10 New Features of Windows 8

Two Touch Keyboards

Great, you now don’t have to be a typing wizard to work with all those virtual keypads – Windows 8 provides two virtual keypads. One is the regular keyboard – but new, improved. However, just in case the rest of your fingers are not agile enough, you can now twiddle your thumbs on Windows 8’s new “thumbs” keypad. The keypads provide spelling suggestions as you type, along with a regular spell checker feature. What’s more, the keyboards automatically switch to the language you’ve set for Windows itself, although this means you’ll have to operate only that particular language for all apps. That could be a little cramping – if it means that once you set English as the Windows system language, you’ll have to change Windows settings once again to be able to send out an email in another language, and then change all over once again to go back to English.
Double Monitor Support

Now, if you’re into gaming or graphics and really need more than one monitor, this one’s a winner. In Windows 8, you can stretch your taskbar and wallpaper across two PCs without having to access any special apps. You can also switch between the monitors by simply tapping on the monitor, making either one primary and the other, secondary. It’s still not really clear if true multiple monitor support – as in more than two monitors – is available.

Multitasking in a Snap

Multitasking in a Windows Phone is not the same as in, well, a PC or a laptop. All it says is, you can now run two apps simultaneously in Windows 8, and use Snap Multitasking to customize their look, although you cannot see both running apps at the same time. Switching between the two apps is easy: just swipe from the left side of the screen. But all that may be unnecessary, as information from the apps is anyways displayed without you having to actually run the apps.

As you can see, the new features and their design in Windows 8 are really new, but the functionality is quite similar to previous editions. But still, you’ll be that much more comfortable with Windows 8, now that you are conversant with the top 10 newfeatures of Windows 8!