Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A visual renovation for Google Now, with logo redesign and a burst of animation!

A pop of colour here and a dash of creativity there! Simple..or is it? Google has had a visual overhaul for Google now. It has come up with a redesigned (and more colourful!) logo for Android Google Now application. Softer colours and a more modern, playful look make the logo aesthetically appealing. Yet it is not just the playful logo redesign that has entered the scenario. There is much more in store for the android users!

What’s in the new Google Now android update and logo redesign?

Google has not simply unveiled the redesigned logo. It has additionally given a welcome refresh to the Google Now android App. The new update version 5.2.33 of the android application has the new logo, a colour galore, new icon as well as a revamped Google Now user interface (UI). With the roll out of the new logo for the web search engine, came this application update for android. It has plentiful of colour. Even the microphone icon is coloured now!  The users can now notice the visual refresh clearly, with card organization. There is an addition of a classy new animation when cards are swiped away by the user. Elsewhere in the applications, users may notice a revamped icon in the launcher. Also, the actual search screen is now busy flaunting the new Google logo. 

Though it does appear to be a little childish, yet I find it a refreshing change from the old monotonous blue. Finally, it is a treat to the eyes to see Google break the boundaries of that traditional black and white and turn into something flashier. The Google doodle is a nice fun play on the screen. The colourful info cards are comparatively subtler and have been organized into well – defined market categories. 

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Top 10 New Features of Windows 8

Two Touch Keyboards

Great, you now don’t have to be a typing wizard to work with all those virtual keypads – Windows 8 provides two virtual keypads. One is the regular keyboard – but new, improved. However, just in case the rest of your fingers are not agile enough, you can now twiddle your thumbs on Windows 8’s new “thumbs” keypad. The keypads provide spelling suggestions as you type, along with a regular spell checker feature. What’s more, the keyboards automatically switch to the language you’ve set for Windows itself, although this means you’ll have to operate only that particular language for all apps. That could be a little cramping – if it means that once you set English as the Windows system language, you’ll have to change Windows settings once again to be able to send out an email in another language, and then change all over once again to go back to English.
Double Monitor Support

Now, if you’re into gaming or graphics and really need more than one monitor, this one’s a winner. In Windows 8, you can stretch your taskbar and wallpaper across two PCs without having to access any special apps. You can also switch between the monitors by simply tapping on the monitor, making either one primary and the other, secondary. It’s still not really clear if true multiple monitor support – as in more than two monitors – is available.

Multitasking in a Snap

Multitasking in a Windows Phone is not the same as in, well, a PC or a laptop. All it says is, you can now run two apps simultaneously in Windows 8, and use Snap Multitasking to customize their look, although you cannot see both running apps at the same time. Switching between the two apps is easy: just swipe from the left side of the screen. But all that may be unnecessary, as information from the apps is anyways displayed without you having to actually run the apps.

As you can see, the new features and their design in Windows 8 are really new, but the functionality is quite similar to previous editions. But still, you’ll be that much more comfortable with Windows 8, now that you are conversant with the top 10 newfeatures of Windows 8! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Best Ways of Gold Investments this Sparkling Diwali

In previous days, jewellery was just a symbolized status or one way to make a woman happy. But today, it has found a new meaning beyond this in our lifesyles. Purchasing gold jewellery or bars in fact considered as one of the best and the most precious profitable investments when compared to other ways of investments.

According to Indian experts, the monthly gold imports gain a rise of as much 50 percent from current levels thus country gears up for a huge surge in demand ahead of the year-end 2014 festivities like Diwali and Dhanteras as well as wedding season.

Gold Jewellery

Our old-age and traditional way of investment is buying jewellery. Indian womens who are very impressed with the delight of jewellers, are now making a scramble for gold to make a sparkling Diwali on October 22rd and 23rd this year. Many gold schemes enable buyers to enjoy the benefits. One such is Gold savings scheme. Some jewellers offer monthly installments where at the end you can buy jewellery for that lump sum. It adds better value to your money. But it has some disadvantages like when you purchase the jewellery, the buying cost includes making charges and when you want to sell the same piece, they deduct making charges and they buy it below market rates. So, Jewellery has less resale value.

Gold Coins

Moreover money and business minded people think ways to buy gold that benefits in future years. So they opt to buy or invest in gold coins or gold bars/biscuits. With weak global crisis, gold prices also fell 0.36 percent to Rs 26,605 per 10 grams in the market today. However, gold is still considered as the best way to invest. It is suggested to prefer buying gold coins/bars than any other ornaments. Coins/bars can be used in future investments.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Online Games and Sports for Kids

Today there are many websites offering good free games and sports lists online for children and big kids. Games such as football, golf, tennis, soccer, darts, basketball, skateboarding, baseball, pool, bowling, and snowboarding add more fun for children online. Enjoy the action!


Playing football online needs a good simulation and observation. It is a straight-forward football passing game within 5 minutes to throw and maintain as many successful passes as you can to your other teammates.


This online game has Stuart Little, a cool small mouse character giving us more fun and entertainment with his challenging skateboard game. You need to earn more points by tricking everything you see. Reach 1000 points and you get a chance to grab even more points. Do simple jumps or tricks when you are in the air. When you achieve sufficient points the game moves further step otherwise ends.

Cricket Master:

It is a fantastic, realistic, online cricket batting game for all age groups of people such as kids, teens and grownups, featuring excellent HD graphics with variety play modes. This bat-and-ball game follows the international cricket rules. Playing in practice mode makes children to learn and play the actual game. There are 6 modes in this game. You need to have good timing and hand-eye coordination skills.

Basketball Sim 3D

Basketball Sim 3D is a truly difficult game challenge and tricky virtual sports game. You have to take on a hot team of computer opponents where the first team to reach 10 points will be the winner. It is set in a cool 3D full court simulation environment. You require good strategic management and patience to play this game. With frequent trial and error you become the master.

So lets have a fun with online games and sports for all age groups.

Top 5 Free Windows Mobile Apps List

Mobiles are fashionable products for some people and purposeful product for others. Whatever may the use, the latest apps still making everyone crazier. Are you in search of featured free apps for your Windows mobile, then look no further than the following list of apps here.

Nokia Drive

Microsoft and Nokia both launched the beta of Nokia Drive+ to all Windows Phone users. It is an amazing free car navigation and commute assistance application with full offline support available on any platform. It boosts all the features of high-end GPS app and allows you to download route maps for offline use. Gain access to your routes avoiding toll roads, tunnels and get there easily.

Viber Messenger

Viber is available now for Windows phone with new features and platforms. It lets you connect with your friends that you already have numbers. It also synchs with contact list to readily show who has Viber.

YouTube Pro

It enables you to play Youtube videos in HQ and HD and can download videos to your phone for free. It record and upload videos, syncs the downloaded videos with your PC, plays the sound of the video under lock, features Fast App Switching (FAS), enables to play all videos or custom playlist and can share videos via social media channels.

Creative Studio

Only available on your Nokia Windows mobile, this app helps you take a picture, edit and share, Use different effects and editing tools to your snaps. With patented technology, you can view your photos fastly and create awesome panorama shots.

ABC for Kids all Alphabet Free

It is a user friendly educational app and children can learn the alphabet by using audio and visual aids. For those with small kids, this app on your phone can be used to learn a few lessons while traveling too. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Top Smartphones: Moto G vs Samsung Grand 2

Today world has changed a lot with advanced technology and everyone needs it. Every year many smartphones were launched in the market with update versions and are available for all budget people too. Today Motorola Moto G became very successful around the world in the budget-wise. It is definitely worth when you see its performance. Coming to the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 did great wonders in India last year. It is updated to its predecessor processor, display and RAM. Let’s see the comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy Grand 2 and Motorola’s Moto G and opt the best smartphone for you.


Grand 2 was designed with Android OS (4.4.2, 4.3) TouchWiz UI with dimensions 5.78 x 2.96 x 0.35 inches. The weight of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is 163 g. Whereas Motorola Moto G is packed with Android (4.4.4,, 4.4.2, 4.4, 4.3) with dimensions 5.11 x 2.59 x 0.46 inches and it weighs about 143 g. 


Overall Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a well-sized smartphone for a 5.25 Inch TFT HD display with pixel density of 280 ppi and resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. It has features like Light sensor and Proximity sensor. Coming to Moto G, it has a physical size of 4.5 inch IPS LCD display, 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and 329 ppi pixel density. It is featured with Light sensor, Proximity sensor and Scratch-resistant glass.

Processor, Memory & Software

Grand 2 has Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU with 1536 MB RAM and built-in storage of 8 GB. It also has storage expansion of microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC up to 64 GB. Moto G has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad core, 1200 MHz processor, 1024 MB RAM system memory and built-in storage of 8 GB.

Most comparisons leave a choice upto you. So choose the right smartphone for your use.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

3 Best Money Saving Tips

Are you not happy with your financial situations? Then you have landed in the right page. To make your financial life happy and better, everyone has to follow one step that is saving money, which is obviously hardest one too for some people. But if you start following a little you see your financial lifestyle even better. Here are some best money saving tips that make you think of the real need of money in your life. Then, why late? Let’s have a glance on such helpful tips.


Spending less money on shopping will really saves a lot of money. Instead of buying stuff from outlets or stores, make your own gifts for friends and relatives. When you go for shopping, then make a list of items to buy and don’t add anything in the cart that’s not on the list. Shop smart and save money.

Cut the Bills

Next everyone has to save fuel cost at home and outside. You have to think of gas, electricity and phone bills which make your financial situation to fall even more. Use electricity at home if the need exist otherwise you switch of all lights. Stop using fans and lights during daytime instead use the natural day light for your general needs at home. Cut the fuel bills for unnecessary journey. Use mobiles for important conversations and avoid unnecessary calls. Think smart to cut fuel, phone, gas and current bills wherever possible.


People often spend money on vacation trips with friends and family. With proper planning everyone can save little bit money. Plan your trips early to the scheduled occasion dates and book your tickets at low price offers only. Low-cost air, bus, railways are growing up today. Make a perfect budget plan and avail low fares to save money. Make smart journey with cheap fares.

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