Friday, 10 October 2014

Online Games and Sports for Kids

Today there are many websites offering good free games and sports lists online for children and big kids. Games such as football, golf, tennis, soccer, darts, basketball, skateboarding, baseball, pool, bowling, and snowboarding add more fun for children online. Enjoy the action!


Playing football online needs a good simulation and observation. It is a straight-forward football passing game within 5 minutes to throw and maintain as many successful passes as you can to your other teammates.


This online game has Stuart Little, a cool small mouse character giving us more fun and entertainment with his challenging skateboard game. You need to earn more points by tricking everything you see. Reach 1000 points and you get a chance to grab even more points. Do simple jumps or tricks when you are in the air. When you achieve sufficient points the game moves further step otherwise ends.

Cricket Master:

It is a fantastic, realistic, online cricket batting game for all age groups of people such as kids, teens and grownups, featuring excellent HD graphics with variety play modes. This bat-and-ball game follows the international cricket rules. Playing in practice mode makes children to learn and play the actual game. There are 6 modes in this game. You need to have good timing and hand-eye coordination skills.

Basketball Sim 3D

Basketball Sim 3D is a truly difficult game challenge and tricky virtual sports game. You have to take on a hot team of computer opponents where the first team to reach 10 points will be the winner. It is set in a cool 3D full court simulation environment. You require good strategic management and patience to play this game. With frequent trial and error you become the master.

So lets have a fun with online games and sports for all age groups.

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